Beloved franchises…that actually mostly suck

I’m still not finished reading my latest book (Raylan), so in the meantime, I thought I’d share my husband’s blog! Read, enjoy, have a happy Monday!

The Wootape Letters

We have a lot of long-running entertainment franchises these days that have developed rabid fan followings. With increasing frequency, these franchises crap out sequel after dreadful sequel that are instantly thrown on the pile of loathsome offerings that make us wonder why we ever liked this shit. This usually occurs with film franchises, television tends to get cancelled quickly when it goes to seed, but sometimes this phenomenon occurs within other media. Here now, I take a look at some of these franchises that were terrible far longer than they were good.


Look, an Ouya! Look, an Ouya!

I loves me some Hellraiser, it was one of the most innovative and imaginatively brutal horror series around…briefly. There are nine Hellraiser movies. The first one is great. The second one is quite good. The third one…happened. The fourth one was better than it should have been. The rest were a dumpster fire. Cenobites…

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2 thoughts on “Beloved franchises…that actually mostly suck

    • I can’t remember what we watched, but we watched something recently about the hellraiser movies and some of the later ones weren’t even written originally as hellraiser films, they just took scripts at the studio that they already had and slapped pinhead in them so they could keep the hellraiser license. It’s such a shame! I’m interested to see how Clive Barker reboots his own franchise, at least it will be back in the hands of the master.

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