The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero & Tom Bissell

Oh, what a treat when a friend of mine showed up the other day with this book in his hands. My husband got first dibs on it, but the second he was done I nabbed it up.

First to preface, I have to say that if you have not watched the cult movie The Room, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. If you’ve never heard of it, The Room is a film that was written, directed, produced, and starring Tommy Wiseau about… well your guess is as good as mine about what it’s about. Love? Betrayal? Drugs? Football in tuxedos? The word ‘hi’? Sex? Death? Rooftops? Red roses? Who the hell knows? Tommy Wiseau knows…I think…

Here’s the trailer, maybe you can tell me what it’s about?

Lost a few brain cells after that? Yeah, I know the feeling.

So, the movie is about Johnny, played by Tommy Wiseau, who has a “perfect life” with his cute blonde fiance Lisa, and job that he’s up for promotion. Enter Mark, his BFF who Lisa finds herself unable to stop having sex with. Thus, hilarity ensues. Lisa and her mother have the same conversation about it about 8 times. Mark seems confused every time Lisa calls him over. Tommy can’t stop saying “oh, hi” to everyone…it’s madness I tell you, madness!

The Disaster Artist is written by the guy that plays Mark, Greg Sestero, about his experiences with Tommy Wiseau and the making of The Room. Turns out, Tommy and Greg met during an acting class and became unlikely friends, and eventually roommates. Greg writes about Tommy’s odd outbursts, accent that can’t quite be placed, mystery surrounding not only his actual age but where he’s really from. Not to mention the unknown origins of the $6 million budget for The Room that Tommy independently financed himself. That’s not a typo… SIX MILLION DOLLARS went into making this movie. Step back for a moment… the budget for Pulp Fiction was $8 million. Granted it was made 9 years before The Room, but it stars some of the biggest actors in Hollywood – John Travolta, Sam Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Ving Rhames, Bruce Willis…the list goes on!

Ahem, I digress. The point is, Tommy Wiseau is a strange man with strange origins and a strange accent and strange emotions and this book is about Greg’s experiences with his strange friend making the disaster of a movie that The Room is. Actors and crews quit and are replaced. Tommy can’t remember the lines he wrote himself. He refuses to let anyone ad-lib or rework any of their lines to make them even remotely normal for natural conversation. Sets are broken down only for Tommy to decide at the last-minute he’d like to add a new scene there.

The entire production sounded like a fever dream, and let me tell you, this book is a page turner. I couldn’t believe one man could be as strange and intriguing as Tommy is, only to turn the page and find him one-upping himself! He makes Ed Wood seems like Martin Scorsese.

Word on the street is that Seth Rogan is going to produce a movie based on this novel starring James Franco as Tommy and Dave Franco as Greg. It will be interesting to see if the Franco brothers can pull off this madness.

And now for the crochet!

At first I tried to crochet a spoon, but couldn’t quite get it right after three attempts so I gave up. The reason for the spoon you ask? Greg recounts in the story that the set Tommy had ordered to be built for Johnny’s apartment wasn’t dressed at all with any decorations, pictures etc. So he ordered some of his crew to get some picture frames. When they came back wanting to replace the pictures in the frames with actual photographs, Tommy told them to forget it. The stock photos that were in the frames were all spoons. Tommy felt it didn’t matter…

Since the spoon wasn’t working out, I went with a football. I lost count how many times the guys in this movie toss a football around, but it’s a lot. The funny thing is Greg said one day they were all told to put on the tuxedos that were bought for the eventual movie premiere (which no one thought would ever actually happen). The reason for dressing in tuxes? Tommy decided he wanted to film a scene where the guys are tossing a football around in tuxedos. Is this ever explained in the movie why? No, absolutely not. And from Greg’s story, it seemed by that point people stopped trying to question Tommy and just went with his insane ideas.


Before I tucked all the ends in, I snapped a picture of what I had created and called it a “hot mess”. I thought for a second just leaving it at that, because that really sums up the movie well!


 The pattern I used for the football can be found clicking here.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Has anyone seen The Room? I’m curious to see what the Francos and Seth Rogan do with this movie adaptation. What are your thoughts?